As Twitchy readers know, Christopher Titus (who we had to Google) was very fussy and even cranky with Terrence K. Williams for daring to share that he and other pro-Trump comedians are doing a comedy show this coming Saturday night. We don’t really know why Titus chose to pick a fight over something that has NOTHING to do with him (kidding, we totally know) but here we are. Apparently, the fallout was so impressive that Tom Arnold felt the need to defend the so-called comedian.

Note, he did not bother to tag Greg Gutfeld in his ridiculous tweet trying to ‘explain comedy’.

And we didn’t think Tom was funny. Huh.

Shows what we know.

Too bad he wasn’t trying to be funny.

Gutfeld is number one in late-night … he’s destroying Kimmel, Fallon, Colbert.

But sure, Tom, he’s not funny.


Is he the one who ended up filling in for the Oxy-Clean dude?

Who Gutfeld continues to dominate.

Ummm …



Us too.



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