Major props to Tim Young for putting together this mashup of Nancy Pelosi talking about the allegations against Justice Kavanaugh versus Joe Biden. If you need concrete proof that Nan is a flaming hypocrite in a white suit look no further than this video.

It’s a doozy.


Christine is a hero, Kavanaugh a villain, and Republicans are cowards.

Tara is a villain, Biden is a hero, and Republicans are targeting her buddy, Joe.

It’s gross, right?

But you’re not surprised.

Damn dentures slipped.

Maybe if she’d stop eating so much expensive ice cream?

OMG, she is wearing the same thing in both videos. But her plastic surgery is far more extreme in her more recent babbling about Tara Reade plus the scarf is new.

This editor totally has a ‘lying about sexual assault allegations’ pair of yoga pants.


That works.

Never change, Nancy.



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