Rose McGowan has been on a TEAR since Tara Reade’s allegations against Joe Biden came out and the Left and media shrugged both the accuser and her claims off. The same group of people who tried to destroy Kavanaugh’s life over a claim that was never corroborated or proven was more than happy to look the other way when it came to their beloved Democratic nominee, Creepy Uncle Joe.

But not Rose.

She is truly the most consistent and believable voice in the #BelieveAllWomen and #MeToo movement.

Take for example this back and forth she had with BuzzFeed News:

‘Be better faster.’

As we said, Rose ain’t takin’ any prisoners.

That. ^

BuzzFeed is gonna BuzzFeed

Seeing a theme here.

And by sharing these screenshots that’s exactly what Rose is doing.

Exposing them.



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