HOOboy, Mika Brzezinski well and truly enraged the Left (and Never Trumpers, same difference really) this morning by DARING to actually interview Joe Biden FOR REAL about Tara Reade. Admit it, like us you expected the interview to go like this:

Mika: So, you didn’t do it, right Joe?
Joe: Nope, I didn’t do it.
Mika: You promise, right?
Joe: Totally. Period. Never happened.
Mika: Awesome, now that we’ve settled that …

Seriously, that’s what we thought it would be like but nope, it was a real interview and you can tell from the Left’s absolute ERUPTION on Twitter that she didn’t do Biden any favors. Mika tweeted after the interview to explain where she was coming from during the interview but that only seemed to make it worse.

Let’s be honest, the Left isn’t looking for a real discussion on Biden’s accusations (unless they’re Bernie Bros). No, they want these allegations to go away because ORANGE MAN BAD.

Embrace the power of ‘and’, Mika.

There were wrong with Kavanaugh and they’re wrong with Biden.

Which is probably why they’re all so pissed off.

Just LOOK at them rage:

But you know Cory here believed Dr. Ford.

Which was the point Mika was trying to make.

Oh, if only these same folks had asked these questions when Democrats went after Kavanaugh.

Wouldn’t that have been something else?





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