‘Proud’ Democratic Representative Richard Komi’s rationale for not believing Tara Reade is one of the grossest, most graphic tweets we’ve ever seen from an elected official and c’mon, we used to write about Alan Grayson.

Komi must have figured out it was eff’d up because he tried deleting it BUUUUUT not before a bunch of people saw it and sent it to this editor.

It’s good to follow smart people on Twitter.

Take a look at the tweet:

Now, this account is not verified so it’s possible it’s not real BUT looking at his feed … yeah. Just thought we should put that disclaimer out there. If he doesn’t have that fancy blue checkmark he could be anyone.

But still.


He also tweeted and deleted this:

Neither tweet is all that great but at least he didn’t talk about her vagina in this one.


It’s a pretty awful thing to tweet, even if he was trolling.

If a Republican tweeted this it would be all over the news already. Hey, we’ll do our part in sharing but still.

He might as well have said her skirt was too short.

He makes us sick too.

She gets us.

We did too.

We’re givers that way.



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