Brit Hume has been fairly vocal about his doubts around the COVID lockdown. From sharing tweets, stories, and eventually interviewing lockdown-skeptic Alex Berenson to voicing those doubts himself with Shannon Bream, he has been consistently challenging this strange and troubling new status quo.

Watch (note, Yahoo is a pain in the butt and you’ll have to actually go watch the video on their silly site but it’s worth it):

Pretty powerful and honest.

Fair point.

More devastating by the day.

26 million Americans who have lost their jobs because of this shutdown.

Businesses closing that may never reopen.

Schooling lost.

Not to mention the emotional and mental damage that can happen when people are locked down for long periods of time.

Is our solution more dangerous than the problem at this point? Did it make sense in the beginning? Sure. But for months now? Not so much.


They never learn.

Luckily the president has started pushing hard to reopen the country – let’s just hope those governors in blue states who keep pushing back their orders (just two more weeks!) will get onboard sooner than later before their states’ economies completely collapse.



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