One can’t help but wonder if Trump had said hydroxychloroquine was SUPER BAD for COVID patients the media would be talking about how well it works, how long the medication has been in use, and how it’s FDA approved. That sounds somewhat cynical, we know, but when you see tweets like this winner (loser) from Jake Tapper it’s clear they no longer care about reporting the news or even being relevant, all that matters is dunking on the president.


You know, we sort of expect this trolling from Stelter and even Acosta but watching it come from Jake is honestly sort of depressing. He was their last real bastion of a journo that even remotely resembled what the media should and could be.

As you can imagine, the pushback for his silly tweet was fairly impressive:


We’ve seen so much of this behavior it doesn’t honestly shock us all anymore.

Pharmaceutical expert Tapper. Yup.

Crazy ain’t it?


We’re afraid it’s all he has left.

Having little to no knowledge on a topic doesn’t seem to stop any of them from making fools of themselves.

Such is the modern-day legacy media.



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