In case you forgot, Jimmy Kimmel still pretty much sucks.

Take a look-see:

From Society-Reviews:

“They want the freedom to gather in large groups during an epidemic.”

“They want guns. They want pollution. I figured it out: They want to die and they’re taking us down with them.” Kimmel said.

Kimmel continues his rant by saying

“I get that people need to go back to work, I do. But the point of ‘stay-at-home’ is to get a lid on this, so we can get back to work. And then stay at work. I’m starting to think that these characters who support Trump might be suicidal. They seem to fight hardest for the things that will kill them.”

What a schmuck.

Nick Searcy dropped him like a sack of wet mud:

How much contempt Leftist celebrities have for everyday people.

Nailed it.

Pretty sure ol’ Jimmy isn’t worried about paying his mortgage or putting food on his table.

But you know, suck it up and stuff.

How long ya’ got?

Really, how hard could it be? Jimmy does it.

Too bad he’s really not.



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