Seems ‘that woman’ Governor Gretchen Whitmer may be up to no good.

This is big, folks.

What the?

Per their own release:

Contact tracing is a proven public health strategy that involves identifying those affected by COVID-19 and interviewing friends, families and others near that person about their contacts and symptoms. MDHHS is contracting with Great Lakes Community Engagement, a firm that specializes in outreach campaigns to engage citizens, and Every Action VAN, a voter/individual contact platform used by non-profits, to provide software to help organize remote phone banking and track information and contacts.

Why the Hell would Whitmer bring in a political firm to collect medical data?


Something stinks.

What he said.

Holy sh*t.


And then it’s time to start looking at other Democratic governors to see if they’re doing something similar.

We’d say this is unreal but unfortunately it’s all too real, especially with Whitmer.

So much wow and not in a good way.

What he said again.

Of course, she knew.

And of course, this is a cover-up.



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