Brit Hume has been sharing tweets from COVID lockdown skeptic Alex Berenson for several weeks (months?!) and it has been a welcome balance to the constant ‘death march panic’ of the legacy media. We have spent a good amount of time covering Brit and Alex as well, mainly because we know what they’re saying and reporting is not getting the attention it deserves.

This interview between these two ‘voices of reason’ is lengthy but definitely worth a read:

Yup, he used to work for the New York Times which makes this all the more fascinating.

From the Fox News interview:

But I would say the first thing when my radar really went off as a journalist was on March 25th. Neil Ferguson, who is the author of, the lead author, of the seminal paper, the Imperial College Paper, that said two million Americans might die if we did nothing about this, gave testimony in Britain where he reduced his estimate for the number of people who would die from 500,000 to 20,000 now. Now, the 500,000 number assumed no mitigation efforts at all in Britain. OK. But the paper came out on March 16th. And in that paper, it says that even with reasonable mitigation efforts, a quarter of a million people will die. And a week later, nine days later, he testified to the British government that the most likely number was 200,00. And I thought to myself, how on earth did we get from 250000 to 20000 in a matter of days?

How DID we get from catastrophic projections to below-flu-level numbers? Hrm. Excellent question.

This is a good point.

Berenson himself in the interview admits he’s an Independent.

Why aren’t they doing this sort of analysis? Excellent question.

Much like Brit himself.


As we said, a much-needed voice of reason in an age of constant panic.



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