Another day, another stupid Jennifer Rubin tweet.

We used to think she was completely lost to her Trump Derangement Syndrome but at this point, we’re starting to wonder if she’s just another glorified troll or maybe even what they call a ‘sh*tposter’. Perhaps staying at home is getting to whatever little brain she had left after the 2016 election … who knows, but her tweets continue to get worse and worse.

She’s even starting to set herself up for some epic trolling:

You see a tweet like this one and have to wonder what she was thinking.


Anything to hurt the orange guy, even if that means collapsing the economy.

Oh, yeah.


Oddly not included in her smug little poll.

Because she’s a disingenuous heifer obsessed with hating the very people who long ago made her relevant?

Just spitballin’.

Huh, starting to think Jenn should have included her mouth on this poll, it seems to be the overwhelming winner on the thread.

Maybe she missed it, but there are hundreds of people on her poll calling her a big mouth.

Hey, we’re just trying to help her figure it out.



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