Huh, wonder why Katie Couric deleted this one?

Don’t look at us, man, we just work here. Our guess would be she was just getting hammered for using the title of the ridiculous piece as her tweet. She didn’t even bother to quote it, so people likely thought she was calling for outlets to stop airing Trump’s briefings.

Journos. *pfft*

Guess she thought it would read better if she quoted the stupid story?

Under no circumstances should Americans hear anything directly from the president, only filtered goodies from the press.

And they wonder why so many people hate them.

Seriously with this?

Katie who?


We had to double-check to make sure it was really her.

She truly has been a no-show for a good long while.

This tweet is ever so entertaining, especially if you sing it.

Julie isn’t alone. Maybe if journalists are so worried about what Americans are hearing they should stop going into these briefings looking to score points and fight with the president and actually ask him some real questions for a change.

But we know deep down that’s now what they’re worried about.

No, they’re worried he’s making them irrelevant.

Or more irrelevant.

And we all know they can’t have that.



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