That Chuck Schumer thinks he can get away with tweeting such blatant lies is so very telling about the Left, and not in a good way. Chuckles really believes people are going to buy the idea that Senate Democrats are fighting for the little people, even though we all know during the first relief bill they withheld aid for nearly a week so Nancy could fund her pet project, aka the Kennedy Center.

Who received $25 million and then turned around and laid off their musicians ANYWAY, but we digress.

Chuck wants you to know he’s fighting for YOU!

Fighting for nail salons, barbershops, and delis.


And the evil Republicans (cue the MWAHAHAHAHAAAAA) are fighting to give even more evil rich people money.


Too bad for Chuck his tweet is total and complete BS.

James Woods called him out as only James can:

Right?! We got a pedicure at the Kennedy Center once, it wasn’t perfect but whaddya gonna do? The tech was a violist.


Toilet paper privilege.

Which we suppose is better than paper towel privilege.

Us too.


Included just for the ‘shake and bake’ reference.



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