Quarantine protesters aren’t protesting because they don’t want to stay at home.


If the scolds and Karens of the world were trying to remind everyone how out of touch they really are with everyday people they’ve succeeded with their reaction to Americans standing up against overreaching state governments who are on their way to collapsing their own economies.

RedSteeze said it far better than we can:


They also said this was to keep medical facilities from being overwhelmed and NOW they’re claiming it’s to keep people from catching the virus. As Miller said, Americans were told their businesses would be taken care of, that they would be taken care of … and that’s not happening. What did they expect people to do?

Ooooh, that’s right.


We’re not seeing a lot of unemployed people with no food in their pantry shaming anyone for protesting these shutdowns.


Sorry, this editor will not be kneeling before Zod … OR Ralph Blackface Northam for that matter.

Yeah, Democrats like to wish horrible and terrible things on people who disagree with them. You don’t see a lot of people on the Right wishing literal DEATH on protesters on the Left and yet we hear time and time again how it’s the Right that is violent and hateful.

It’s all so exhausting.

Pure craziness.

Pure panic.

And sadly it almost feels like Democrats wanted this.



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