Full disclosure, this editor would never bring her kids to any protest BUT the idea of those who do being charged with a misdemeanor and possibly losing their kids is terrifying. Seems George Takei, the parenting expert he is, thinks they should be charged with child endangerment.


He tweeted this.

Yes, let’s all take parenting advice from George.

Do you think he’s this angry when the Left brings their kids to protests?

We’re going to guess that’s a big ol’ fat no.

We’ll have to ask Governor Ralph Northam that question since he’s the blackface expert in these here parts.

It’s pretty bad.

If George had left his tweet at concern for those kids, fine. We imagine there are plenty of people out there who don’t agree with bringing kids to a protest BUT to take it a step further and want them charged and even arrested?


Too far, Sulu.

Thank God children do not seem to be an at-risk population.

This is one of the most ‘Karen’ tweets we’ve seen yet TODAY. Yeah, we see a lot of ‘Karen’ tweets every day. Heh.


Double ouch.

Again, nothing wrong with voicing concern for kids attending ANY protest.

This editor has.

But advocating for them to be punished by the law for endangerment? Too far.

Feels a little bit like fascism, Sulu.



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