Last Sunday, Conan O’Brien was making jokes about Jesus not being crucified if he had taken hydroxychloroquine (yes, Easter Sunday), and today he’s claiming he’s starting to miss the things he hated. We ‘think’ this is a joke, but it’s been so long since the guy has been funny it’s honestly hard to tell.

Luckily, Senator Ted Cruz was there to make a real punchline:

Who knew Ted is funnier than Conan?

Guessing the good senator is getting as annoyed with being inside as the rest of us are and hey, at least he’s making himself useful.


Even his ‘non-fans’ got a kick out of the tweet.

Crazy, we know.

We thought about including all of the tweets from haters trying to use Jesus and Christianity to dunk on Ted but you’ve all probably had more than your fill of the whiny scolds and Karens on the Left right now.

So instead we’ll just say well-played, Senator.



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