We’re not entirely sure why Chris Wallace thought it was a good idea to bring Nancy Pelosi on Fox News Sunday this morning but here we are. Surely he knew she’d just take the opportunity to babble about TRUMP BAD, blame the president for the virus, call him a racist, and then do her best to sabotage his plans to reopen the country.

Then again, maybe Chris hoped he’d have an opportunity to bring up her famous walk in Chinatown in February where she told Americans ‘it’s safe out there.’

One has to wonder if the Botox has finally gone to her brain … watch:

F for failure.


She really thought that was some clever dig? Or at least her handlers did.

What a joke.

From Fox News:

Host Chris Wallace countered Pelosi’s claim that Trump did not take the pandemic seriously enough before March by showing video of her walking the streets of Chinatown on Feb. 24 without a mask and encouraging tourists to go there. In the clip, Pelosi said it was “very safe” there.

We were shocked Chris pushed back at all … seriously.

Pelosi insisted that this was not an example of her taking the outbreak lightly, and claimed it was only meant “to end the discrimination, the stigma, that was going out against the Asian-American community.”

Tell us another one, Nancy.

She also insisted Trump should be impeached for doing his job so yeah.

She’s fighting so hard and stuff! What if she runs out of fancy ice cream?!

#LiarPelosi works.

Yes, yes she is a national disgrace.


We give her an F MINUS, so there.


Hey, we tried.



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