Rep. Dan Crenshaw continues to impress us as a legislator and as a SEAL. You can see how he brings elements of his time serving the country as a Seal into how he serves the country as a Representative and it’s freakin’ awesome. You can really see it here during his interview with Bill Maher where Bill is clearly trying to dunk on Trump and Dan isn’t willing to play that game.

This is lengthy but worth your watch.



We mean, SO WELL DONE.


Watching Bill’s face as Dan calmly explains the difference between people who criticize Trump for the things he’s done versus those who just criticize him because they can … priceless. The press doesn’t cover Trump, no, they campaign against him. Calm begets clam.



Without his audience cheering him on he just looks like an unhinged harpy shaking his fist in the air, right?

It’s sorta creepy.

True story.



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