Full transparency, this editor has totally been stalking Alex Berenson’s timeline. The guy just gets it. And when we’re surrounded by so much fear-mongering, propaganda, and agendas being pushed as narrative it’s a nice break to look through a feed that is saying something completely rational.

Which is sort of the opposite of what we’re seeing everywhere else.

This time, Alex talks about indoor versus outdoor spread of a virus … which all but negates the idea of locking us into our homes together.


Not one occurred outside.

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You hear that, governors? Wait … read that?

Shopping and entertainment were not the main causes of infection.


It was home outbreaks and public transportation.

Note, they want us to stay home and public transportation is still running in most places but good luck finding an open movie theater or sitting down for dinner out with your family.

Is staying home really saving us? Eh.


Yup. The models just keep telling us WAIT TWO MORE WEEKS!

It’s ridiculous.

Time to reopen America.



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