Dennis Miller made a much-needed appearance with Sean Hannity last night to talk about Joe Biden and his 2020 endorsements. With all of the bad and horrible and angry news we’re used to seeing across the board, laughing was a welcome ‘break’ to the start of our work day.


Joe lost his fastball, his curveball, and his slider.

He’s lost more than that but we digress.

And of course, since Dennis was pretty damn hilarious (especially about Biden) the Left completely melted down. So much so they made him trend this morning … they never learn.

True story.

It was actually really great to see him.

Remember when SNL used to be funny? Decades ago.


We’re all locked down, what else is he gonna do?

Admit it, you visualized Biden sitting in the back of a car on a Sonic commercial when he said that.


It’s like Howard Stern waaaaay back in the 80s, his fans were a huge part of his audience but his haters were even ‘huger.’

Well done.



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