Greta Van Susteren reminds us quite a bit of Brit Hume in that she is often level-headed, direct, factual, and doesn’t play the games we see many activists … sorry, journalists (ahem) playing in this age of so-called news. Her tweet about what the media could have done better was exceptional as it was, but then to hold herself accountable as well?

This is why we adore and respect her.

Take a look:

Preach, Greta!


See what we mean? Greta and Brit and others like them (James Rosen, Sharyl Attkisson, etc.) are very traditional in their reporting and how they do their jobs. Corporate media of today could learn a thing or a THOUSAND from them.


What he said.

Yeah, they were a teensy bit preoccupied with trying to help Democrats impeach the president.

Ahem, Trump wasn’t going to impeach himself ya’ know!

Even if that means ruining the country in the process.

Sad times.



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