Hey folks, looks like Richard Marx is a fan of ‘Justified.’

We hardly blame him considering the show is pretty bada*s:

Not sure about ‘Billions’ or ‘Bodyguard’, but definitely ‘Justified’ is worth the occasional binge.

Nick Searcy even reached out to thank him:

And then Richard sort of went off the rails.

This is sort of a weird reaction to Nick thanking him for liking his show, doncha think?

He had to know this wouldn’t end well, picking a fight with Nick.

C’mon man.

Whatever, Dick.

Looking at Dick’s timeline, he is not civil with anyone who disagrees with him, respectful or not. It’s like these 80s rockstar has-beens lost all of their self-awareness along the line.

Whoa, we forgot that Richard Marx song.

Ok, to be fair we’ve forgotten most of Richard Marx’s songs but still …

It was such a weird reaction to Nick thanking him, right?

And then he went on to play the victim.

Typical Dick.



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