Samantha Power is mad.

At Trump.

For delaying funds to the World Health Organization AKA the WHO. You know, the organization that was telling the world as late as January 14 COVID wasn’t contagious even though it’s clear now there was a shiznit storm taking place in China because of the virus even then.

They are either liars or completely incompetent and Trump is right to think about whether or not America should continue funding them …

And why Samantha is wrong for trying to shame him for doing so:

Eff the WHO (and not the band).

Was that rude?

Gosh, our bad.

Let them get the money from China then.

Sorry, not sorry.


She so badly wants this to be Trump’s fault.

America’s fault.

No wonder Obama was such a fan of hers.



Girl, sit down.

No words.

They screwed up with Ebola too.

But we should keep funding them?

Yeah, no.

How dare Trump reassure people?!


Forget China and the WHO F’ING LIED TO THE WORLD and tens of thousands of people died. Trump was trying to keep people calm so clearly he’s the real bad guy here.

This. Woman.

They are more China-centric.

They proved it.

Guess how this went over?

We’re sure the ChiCom smiled bigly reading Samantha’s thread covering for them.

Bingo was his name-o.

Maybe Samantha missed it, but there are thousands of Americans calling her an as*hole on her tweet.




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