Yeah, we know, you’re shocked, Rick Wilson is being a disgusting toad on Twitter again.

He’s usually such an upstanding, decent person.

Oh … wait.

Nothing says you’re conserving conservatism like pushing a video from Now This to blame Trump for COVID deaths. Seriously, Rick has to know this will only put a fire under Trump supporters … which makes sense when you think about it because nobody needs Trump to win again in November more than Rick and his Never Trump gaggle of gonads do. If Trump doesn’t win they become completely irrelevant because the Left doesn’t want them and the Right is pretty sick of them as well.

If he loses, they do too.

Just an observation.

Please, let’s not challenge Rick to be more disgusting. Clearly he can be.

This is such an underrated tweet.

Being an anti-Trump ‘conservative’ makes him an expert to so many on the Left … for now. If Trump loses Rick becomes just another old, racist, evil white guy to them. Unless he admits he’s really a progressive but even then, they’ll never really trust him to do anything more than troll people they hate on Twitter.

This is an insult to vile human beings.

But you knew that.



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