Imagine if media reported accurately on COVID instead of using it as some sort of weapon against Trump because ‘orange man bad.’ Imagine if people were being informed and educated on the reality of the virus instead of manipulated and terrified.

Media should be ashamed of themselves for how they’ve covered this pandemic and played games to push an agenda because it’s an election year. Alex Berenson said it far better in his short but brutal thread:

We understood the fear and anxiety as well … three or four weeks ago.

But now?

And to his point, the media are doing nothing but using this virus as a means to dunk on Trump and Republicans.

For example, Now This is pushing video of workers burying people on Hart Island via NYC and idiots are calling it Trump’s Burial Pits even though they’ve been burying people there for years and years.

This is what the coverage has become.

They’re far more concerned with asking questions that make Trump look bad and stuff. It’s not about the virus or the facts, it’s about whichever narrative might hurt Trump’s chances in November.


It almost feels like they’re trying to figure out how to explain away their mistakes that have cost this country greatly. And like Alex says, we have got to #wakeup before it’s too late.



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