Hey guys, guess what?! Senate Democrats blocked much-needed relief for tens of millions of Americans … AGAIN! Remember when they did this last time over giving the Kennedy Center a bunch of money who then turned around and laid their musicians off anyway?

Yeah, it’s more bullsh*t like that.

Skull King McConnell blasted them:

Give ’em Hell, McConnell.

And sorry, Skull King? It’s like they want McConnell to be way cooler than he really is.


Get it together, Democrats. Not every freakin’ crisis has to be used for your political gain.

This is a rhetorical question, right? RIGHT?!

Fair point.


Sort of like the ‘if it bleeds it leads’ attitude from their buddies in the media.

All that matters is taking down the orange man, and if that means making millions of Americans suffer, so be it.

Remember this, come November.

Editor’s note: Major props to Jon Gabriel for the epic Skull King artwork we used in the featured art for this article.



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