Folks, if you want to keep a fairly ‘balanced’ way of looking at what is happening in our country with COVID we suggest you follow Alex Berenson. We found him through Brit Hume, who has shared his threads on more than one occasion.

Like this one on the ‘magic of social distancing’:

From 62k to 1600.

For real?

Must be doing some seriously important stuff in Ohio.


In fact, we should bottle that ‘stuff’ and pass it out around the rest of the country or something.

Wait, what? But …

So their peak was supposedly the day BEFORE they issued the lockdown.

Wait, what now?

We aren’t the experts here but that seems pretty damn backward to us.





Seriously, 10% of working Americans are unemployed right now. The country is all but shut down based on the data but if the data looks like this … what are we doing?!

Seems suspect.

They are not alone. States all across the country seem to be getting it wrong … and at what cost?

How about they turn to, ‘How do we get this economy and country back to work?’



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