We’ve all been watching the media’s last stand with the COVID-19 crisis. Oh sure, they really did a number on themselves during the ‘shampeachment,’ but honestly they could have done much to redeem themselves during the pandemic … if only they’d get out of their own way.

They’ve shown it’s impossible for them to cover Trump in any sort of factual or objective way which could ultimately be their own undoing. For example, The Federalist’s Margot Cleveland described their anti-Trump hydroxychloroquine spin in a pretty damn perfect tweet:

In it for the money.


Margot’s got the media’s number.

Both amazing and sad.

And infuriating.

And stupid.

Yeah, that too.

When everything is, ‘ORANGE MAN BAD’ then nothing is.

If that makes sense.

We all stop hearing them after awhile.

Dying people might DIE if they take this drug that could save their lives.

Wait, what now?

They so badly want him to fail that they’d all but root for the virus.

Gross, right?

Or they’ll find a way to blame him for people who don’t get better.

It will always be something.

That’s all they got.



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