It’s no coincidence the media’s approval ratings are in the toilet and even more so for their coverage of the Coronavirus. You know it’s bad when Congress is even beating you …

Maybe if they spent a little more time covering the facts around the crisis and a little less time defending CHINA because orange man bad people would start taking them seriously again.

Ok, maybe not.

For example, AG Hamilton put together a thread highlighting how badly the media treated Sen. Tom Cotton for daring to call China out for the virus and talking about the fact it came from a Wuhan lab.

We see you, media.

WaPo never fails to disappoint.

Our media have been doing China’s job for them.

Because of course, they did.

Anything to hurt Republicans and ultimately Trump. So what if they’re helping a bunch of communists and stuff.

Gotta love those blue-checks.

Did we mention how much you gotta love these people?


We’re not holding our breath, AG.



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