Amanda Marcotte PROBABLY should have stopped writing after she said, ‘I don’t want people to die.’

Everything after the word ‘But,’ should probably be deleted.


This is a parody, right?

Nope, blue check.


Because we don’t want old people to die? She’s very pro-abortion, maybe she’s really more anti-life though.

This is so damn confusing.

This is sort of how she advocates for abortion.

This is really gross.

Spectacularly gross even.


No, this is not a winning anything, whack-a-doo.

Wait, now she’s pushing socialized medicine?

Holy crap.

Wow, Amanda … not a great look.

Hey, it’s not just us meanies on the Right who disagree with Amanda this time, no no, it’s her pals on the Left. And they are far less forgiving:


*more popcorn*

To be fair most everything in Amanda’s little world is partisan.

Psh, we could’ve told them that.

WOW, right?!



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