Tara Haelle wrote about the couple who ate fish tank cleaner to prevent infection and claimed the woman blamed Trump for her husband dying. The story itself is fairly ridiculous but check out the picture Tara used with her article … fish tank cleaner looks NOTHING like medicine.

Or tablets, like her photo.

We suppose if she was really trying to lay the blame on Trump she needed people to think maybe it does?

Because tablets look JUST like fish tank cleaner … oh, wait.

Not for human consumption.


But Trump!

She claimed it wasn’t her fault and blamed licensing.

We can’t make this crap up.

Took a look through Tara’s feed and she is less than friendly or supportive when it comes to Trump SO we are inclined to believe she really didn’t care as long as it made the president look responsible.

Nice work. Yup.

Truth? But truth is so BORING when you have a president to frame for a death.


Gosh, that doesn’t look like medicine either.

It’s all they know how to do.

They are sadly proving this truer every day.



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