Cue Andy Slavitt’s claims that we’re not completely overrun with the coronavirus because his memo got to the right people and helped flatten the curve.

Or something.

Wait, Andy wasn’t right?! WE’RE SO SHOCKED.

Maybe don’t give a date when you’re trying to scare the bejesus out of people for your own agenda and narrative. Just sayin’.



Sure, cases have increased and there are some issues with resources here and there (thanks to fearmongering like what Andy did and continues to do), but overall our cities are not overrun and neither are our hospitals.

This editor asked him to clarify but he hasn’t just yet and pretty sure won’t.

And scaring the crap out of millions.


The polar bears are going to EAT ALL THE ICE CAPS!


No? Dammit. That sounded super scary though, right?

We’ve never been so glad to see someone so wrong.

Hang in there, America!



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