When even ABC says so …

That’s a YUGE change. Yuge.

From ABC:

In the new poll, 55% of Americans approve of the president’s management of the crisis, compared to 43% who disapprove. Trump’s approval on this issue is up from last week, when the numbers were nearly reversed. Only 43% approved of Trump’s handling of the pandemic and 54% disapproved in last week’s poll.

Over the course of a week, the president has shifted his approach and tone, giving daily briefings on the crisis since Saturday, alongside the White House task force leading the response to the coronavirus and announcing some severe measures to combat the virus. He’s also taken on a more somber tone, saying of his own tenor “people actually liked it” as the reality of the scale of the virus set in.

Plus as things move forward and we know more he’s more capable of doing what needs to be done. Sorry media, when Trump holds a presser most every day to talk directly TO Americans you don’t quite have the ability to spin things against him.

Will tell you, almost every response to Kellyanne’s tweet is some crazy Leftist claiming some crazy reason for the change in approval (with a dash of morons shaming her for pointing out the majority of the country approves of Trump’s actions) which tells us all we really need to know.

He’s winning.

Sorry, not sorry.



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