It might be hard to remember because the media has been super busy trying to convince the masses that Trump didn’t take the coronavirus seriously enough BUT they were far angrier at him waaaaay back at the end of January when he barred entry into the U.S. from China.

Because you know, that was racist or xenophobic or bigoted or something.

Lyndsey Fifield was good enough to compile reactions to the president being VERY proactive long before they were bitching at us about calling the China Virus the China Virus. IT CAME FROM CHINA THAT DOESN’T MAKE US RACIST FOR SAYING SO.

Anyway, this thread is spectacular and infuriating, all at once.


Which sadly shows a gross political bias even in the scientific community.

Good times.


Sorry, if we don’t laugh at this point we may never stop throwing up.

Just two weeks earlier, WHO was telling the masses the coronavirus did not pass from person to person; in other words, it wasn’t contagious.

It gets better … worse?

Vox is gonna Vox.

There are no words.


Fast forward to now where they claim Trump isn’t doing enough. They’d be better off just admitting they hate him and nothing will ever be right or good enough.

And now California is threatening to deputize officials to arrest people who disregard their new shelter in place ‘law.’

This is insane.

You know what? We got nothin’.

But now this editor is really pissed off, lol.


Maybe we should.



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