And we thought the coronavirus sucked.

Paul Krugman has really and truly proven himself to be nothing more than an angry, petty, mean old man who celebrates his fellow Americans suffering if that means he can somehow rub it in Trump’s face. These people, so broken by Trump, have completely lost their ability to be objective or even human.

Look at this …

Paul. Americans are scared and hurting … get a damn grip.

From NY Mag:

“The President would like to share the attached image with you, and passes along the following message: ‘From opening of press conference, biggest day in stock market history!’” the note began. The message did not mention the coronavirus crisis.

One of the people Trump sent the message to was Fox Business host Lou Dobbs, who then showed it on the air.

How dare the president try and encourage Americans?

How dare he celebrate a rebound in the market?

The nerve.

Do you think he smiled while writing that? He probably did.

When the Left shows you who they really are, believe them.

But that wouldn’t be as much fun for ol’ Paul … he’s far more focused on reminding everyone how horrible and scary things are right now.

Because you know, orange man bad.

Just a horrible man.



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