Is it just our imagination or does it seem medical professionals or government types who were in any way associated with Obama are front and center pushing as much terror, panic, and fear as they can? Even when the math doesn’t quite add up?

This guy is a doctor.

Keep that in mind.

He’s comparing the number of cases to one another which really doesn’t have quite the same impact considering America has over five times the population of Italy. When you have 3700 cases of coronavirus in a country of 60 million versus 3700 in a country of 327 million that’s not the same thing … at all.

Not to mention their entire country is like 116k square miles (smaller than Montana) compared to America which is over 4 MILLION, so we’d think population density would come into play as well but hey, what do we know, we just write goofy blogs, right?


And hey, young people, if you’re not scared enough already read this thread.


We understand caution but this seems a tad bit extreme, doncha think?

But that would mean we shouldn’t be panicking!

Psh, freakin’ math.


Stupid and deliberately misleading in our humble opinion.

For America to be anywhere close to ‘on track’ with Italy we would need to have five times as many cases as we do now.

Math is hard, man.

Yup, we’ve set all sorts of reminders to see if these doom prophets were right.

We’ll keep you posted.



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