Greg Gutfeld actually made the Joe Biden/Bernie Sanders debate entertaining. Ok, it was sorta funny watching two old guys yell at each other sort of like they were fighting over the last Fig Newton but Greg’s commentary on Twitter made it even better.

Note, this editor is just so thrilled to write about something other than the coronavirus, heh.

Joe was slaughtering himself, but we digress.

How many different things did he call the coronavirus? Heh.

Or fighting over the last Fig Newton.


‘No, I’M the bigger communist! No no, I AM.’

Honestly, we kept waiting for the moderators to correct either of them on the various claims they made (especially Joe with the Obama administration) but eh, it was CNN. Didn’t happen.


Girl power!

He did.

And he fought every war ever as well.


And you know what, she’d be more sane and connected than Biden.

That’s what’s so scary.



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