No wonder so many people are misinformed and terrified.

We’ve seen a lot of horrible stuff out there from so-called ‘experts’ pushing insane theories and conspiracies around the coronavirus but this thread from Andy Slavitt who just so happens to be the former head of Obama’s ACA takes the coronavirus cake.

Experts expect over 1 MILLION DEATHS in the U.S.




These people have no shame. None.

And there it is … original sin.


If only we had socialized healthcare, right Andy?


Sorry, we’re just so tired of this hysteria and fear-mongering when it’s so painfully obvious they’re just trying to push an agenda.

Does he mean when Trump called for a halt to all travel from China and was called a xenophobe for it?



They’re muzzled.

And we wonder why so many are so terrified.

*eye roll*

Socialized medicine.


Sure, listen to the Obama guy. You know, the administration who let thousands die of the H1N1.

Honestly, we can’t stand to include his whole thread. It’s just that awful.

See what we mean?

Sorry, he did list his source … HA HA HA HA

Sure, we totally believe them.

And him.

Oh, wait.



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