Brit Hume has been one of the few pundits out there trying to combat the ridiculous hysteria the media have created around the coronavirus. It’s one thing to be cautious, careful, and proactive with the virus, it’s quite another to panic an entire country to play political games because you hate the president. We wouldn’t say that so lightly if we hadn’t watched them barely make a peep when Obama ignored H1N1 for months while thousands of people died (younger people and children) … they gave him a pass for his pandemic.

But you know, orange man bad.

This thread from Carl Quintanilla explains why Americans may not be quite at as much risk as say other countries:

So wait, coronavirus might not be as dangerous to Americans? SAY IT AIN’T SO. According to Democrats and the media, millions of us will be dying in the streets and our blood will be on Trump’s hands. ON HIS HANDS.

Sorry, this editor has started to really despise those hyping the fear for clicks, taps, and dunks on Trump.

But if they don’t force our economy into a recession they can’t run on it to beat Trump in November.

Oops, did we say that out loud?

Our bad.

And you know, we’re not Italy.

Just sayin’.



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