We get that Neera Tanden is a total Hillary Clinton fangirl but c’mon with this crap.

Ummm …

We’ve known progressives live in another world for a good long while but seeing Neera admit it? Priceless. And sorry not sorry, we have zero interest in living on this Earth 2 where Hillary is president …

President Hillary is far scarier than any virus.

See what we mean?

In the real world, Hillary tried to convince everyone she didn’t know confidential emails should be CONFIDENTIAL.

But sure, she could totally handle a crisis like the coronavirus.

On Earth 2 she still hasn’t made it to Wisconsin.

So much LOL.

After blaming a video for the virus. Yup.


Here we go.

Thank the maker.

Let’s start a GoFundMe, STAT.

We’re all dumber for having read Neera’s tweet.

Our bad, guys.



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