Just when we thought the Left couldn’t get any more INSANE in their rantings and ravings over Trump and the coronavirus (really guys, calling it the Wuhan Virus is racist?), they outdo themselves once again. Trump has instituted a travel ban between the US and Europe which makes sense if you’re all that worried about what is happening in Italy, right? Sort of like when he wanted to ban travel from China way back in January and he was accused of being xenophobic.


Well, he exempted the UK from this travel ban, likely because it’s an island that isn’t really ‘attached.’

But author and Wonkette founder Ana Marie Cox accused Trump of exempting the UK because wait for it … they’re ‘more white’ than the rest of Europe.

Sorry for the screengrab, but she either deleted it or we lost access to it when she LOCKED DOWN.

If you tweet stupid stuff at least have the nards to stand by it.

Clay Travis called her out.

Seems she didn’t like Clay calling out her STUPID.

Maybe that’s why she locked down.

What he said.

We know what that REALLY means.

One of the worst we’ve seen. Claiming Trump is ok with people who might have the virus coming to our country as long as they’re white.

How damn dumb does someone have to be?

You know what, don’t answer that.

Super white even.

Yeah, this was nuclear-levels of stupid, Ana.

No wonder she locked down.



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