Because the first person this editor thinks of when looking for guidance on ‘emergency measures’ for a supposed pandemic is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Nothing says someone is a great thinker like their being totally confused by a garbage disposal, you know?

Here’s her list of measures:

Eliminating work requirements for SNAP? Extending Medicare for all? Gosh, is it our imagination or is AOC using the coronavirus to push her crap socialist agenda?

Surely no one with an actual brain their heads is taking her seriously, right?


Agreeing with AOC should automatically disqualify any conservative cred Jennifer had left.

She really was robbed.

Not a great visual. Thanks.


Even AOC’s followers aren’t buyin’ Jennifer’s act.

That’s hilarious.

Right?! STAND BACK! Medicare for All is super conservative now.

You know the face you make when someone on Twitter tries to correct a joke? Yup, just made that face.

Isn’t she adorbs?



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