Vox is gonna Vox.

We know.

But this from Matty Yglesias is stupid even for him.

Really, comparing the coronavirus to what happened in Puerto Rico?

From Vox (sorry!):

Thousands of Americans died because the confluence of events in Puerto Rico posed a genuinely hard problem. It was a big storm. It hit an island that had significant preexisting economic weaknesses including problems with its electrical infrastructure. The overall political situation there was bad for reasons that predated Trump and had little to do with him. But the president’s job is to handle hard problems. And he couldn’t do it. Instead, he whined, he lied, he bragged, he shifted blame, and in the final analysis, the suffering was enormous.

The spectacle left us with two options for hope. One, maybe the whole thing was a consequence of Trump’s racist and self-interested instincts. Maybe a problem that impacted a larger, whiter, and less politically disempowered population would get a stronger response. (To be clear: This is a deeply dark option.) Two, maybe Trump’s luck would hold up and he’d just muddle through four or eight years without ever facing a really big crisis.

But his luck has run out.

It must suck to be this wrong about so many things so much of the time.

Seems he left out a HUGE part of the story. You know, the part about how corrupt officials deliberately withheld aid? Yeah, that part.

It’s like he thinks people are too stupid to remember this stuff.

That could be said of most leftist media types these days. And they don’t seem all that concerned about the title either.



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