We get it, media. You need to make sure Trump’s economy is tanking and people are hurting so Biden doesn’t completely embarrass himself in November but ENOUGH is enough. When elderly people who have no one to care for them are literally afraid to go into a grocery store because you’ve told them THEY’RE GOING TO DIE, you’ve gone too damn far.

Time to get it together and stop with the hysteria and fear-mongering.

In tears.


Through a crack in the window, she asked for help.

If this story is true, the media should have to answer for terrifying people in this way.

Imagine sitting in your car knowing you need groceries but being so terrified by what you’re seeing in the news that you just can’t go in.

Did we mention this is infuriating?

Just callous and evil.

And all because orange man bad.

Ding ding ding.

After getting their groceries yes, this would have been an excellent way to help them as well.



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