Another day another batch of hysteria and fear-mongering served up by our friends in the traditional media WITH a touch of virtue-signaling by claiming Trump’s travel ban is totally racist. We wish these people would make up their damn minds; first, he’s xenophobic for wanting to limit travel from China, then they b*tch that he’s not doing enough, and NOW they’re calling him racist for the Europe travel ban.

That behavior alone should tell you that while the virus is serious, it’s not world-ending by any means.

Once again, Brit Hume is one of the only media types out there pushing common sense:

More than 60k people have recovered.


Far too many people seem to think if you get the virus you’re kaput.

Shame on the media for this … seriously.

They have an agenda here.

They always do.

This could very well backfire like everything else the Left and the media (same difference) have been trying to pull since 2015.

Oh yeah, THAT’S right. Our bad.



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