This editor’s 12-year-old son asked why, OH WHY, would Trump deliberately implement such a racist, xenophobic, climate-change causing, puppy-kicking, orphan-starving travel ban to combat the coronavirus. ‘WHY’, he cried, ‘WHY WOULD HE DO THAT’!?

Yeah, that totally happened.

Just like Kurt Schlichter’s eight-year-old son asking him about ‘science denial’.

Man, when the media created the woke child angle to push home their silly narratives and agenda they really did those of us who make fun of them for a living a favor. We should send that Playboy writer who made up the Hispanic kid on the metro who asked him why Trump hates him so much a thank you note.

We’re STILL making fun of him.

Freakin’ Trump!

Thank goodness his daughter was wise enough to vote for Eisenhower, you know?


Can’t be watching the news when you’re pregnant.



Us too, chief.



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