Democrats have been falling all over themselves this past week trying to pander to the pro-abort crowd. Thinking they realize if and when Trump wins again in November their precious Roe v. Wade may indeed be up for ‘grabs.’ Granted, if they reversed RvW all that would mean is the states decide the legality around abortion but we all know Democrats can’t stand the idea of states making their own laws.

Rep. Ilhan Omar did her pandering part:


James Woods asked Ilhan about something else being constitutional or not …

Did … did he really just hashtag #BroBoner?

We’re going to guess Ilhan doesn’t want to answer James’ question and she probably doesn’t much care for his hashtag. We think it’s pretty damn funny though.

Ok, this is one of those threads that got completely out of hand.

Ain’t it great?


So dead.

We are too.



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