Remember when Jemele Hill was pushing for segregated colleges and claiming the Electoral College was a racist tool?

Good times.

And speaking of racist tools, Jemele’s tweet about this photo of black Trump supporters praying over Trump is pretty damn awful:

This was a bad take, Jemele.


And she wonders why more and more black Americans are starting to support Trump.

Something like that.

Since Trump has actually done more to help black Americans than just talking about it (ahem, Obama), what do you expect?


Crazy, right?

Ding ding ding.

If Democrats can’t convince people they need saving they have no real agenda. Their entire platform is built on the idea that people, especially women and minorities, CAN’T think or do for themselves and so the government has to step in and do it for them. Trump has proven otherwise.

And they can’t stand it.



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