Welp, sounds like a Republican ‘mega-donor’ purchased a stake in Twitter …

Twitter might not be as biased?! OH NO!

From The Guardian:

Paul Singer, the billionaire founder of Elliott Management, is a Republican mega-donor who opposed Donald Trump during the real-estate magnate’s run for the presidential nomination but has since come onside.

After a White House visit in February 2017, Trump said Singer “was very much involved with the anti-Trump or, as they say, ‘Never Trump’, and Paul just left, and he’s given us his total support and it’s all about unification”.

Trump famously communicates with the public largely through Twitter, at the expense of traditional media strategy.

The nerve of this guy buying into Twitter … who does he think he is?


More friendly to disinformation and surveillance.


He does know Twitter is already like that yes?

And God forbid any #Resistance posters get banned, only conservatives should be held to Twitter’s TOS.

He says this like it’s a bad thing.


Did we say, ‘HA HA HA’ because HA HA HA HA HA.

Mean ol’ capitalism, leveling the playing field every time.

Delicious, ain’t it?

HA HA HA HA (one more time).



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