Never Trump had their cute little ‘Summit on Principled Conservatism’ on the last day of CPAC with literally DOZENS of people in attendance. If this is what conserving conservatism looks like their movement is in some serious trouble.

Julie Kelly was good enough to drop in and share a pic or two …

We’re overwhelmed by all of the principled conservatism on that stage, especially the people telling folks to vote for a Democrat, even if it’s socialist Bernie Sanders.

Notice Julie did not tag Rick Wilson and yet:

Rick Wilson, always keepin’ it classy. You know, for creating an entire movement around his hatred for Trump and Trump’s behavior Rick sure likes to act like him.

Julie responded:

Of course, he didn’t.


Way to put that woman in her place, Rick!


Excuse us, but we’ve been informed Rick is the keeper of conservative principles and stuff.

Interesting point. If ANYONE or any group needs Trump to win again it’s Never Trump.

If he really does just come up to Julie’s shoulders this is hilariously accurate.

Not a great look for Never Trump and that whole ‘conserving conservatism,’ Rick.



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